Apple’s iPhone 8 Might Have a Fingerprint Reader Problem

Apple was rumored to be working on a virtual version of its fingerprint sensor that was iPhone. However, now it’s working to get the feature to work.

Talking to sources inside Apple’s supply chain, KeyBanc Capital Markets analyst Andy Hargreaves told investors on Monday that Apple is having trouble getting its fingerprint detector to work inside the display of the upcoming iPhone 8. According to the analyst, whose remarks had been reported by Barron’s, Apple has to resolve the issue or face the potential for a delay.

Apple is supposed to be planning a significant new handset launch this year, believed to be called the iPhone 8. The device will reportedly come with a natural light-emitting diode (OLED) screen and a revamped, all-glass design.

Apple's iPhone 8 Might Have a Fingerprint Reader Problem

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If Apple really releases the iPhone 8 it could be the first handset ever published by the company to offer OLED display technologies. What’s more, Apple is supposed to be going a design that would remove the iPhone 8’s physical house button and instead cover the smartphone’s face using the OLED display.

Apple’s other expected iPhone 7, ¬†are still projected to offer fingerprint readers since they will have industrial designs.

The technology giant has struggled to incorporate the fingerprint reader to the screen of the iPhone. According to Hargreaves, who echoes reports, Apple is now faced with to rely only on facial recognition for unlocking the phone bailing on the fingerprint reader entirely. This, Hargreaves asserts, could cause prices to rise ‘above our current expectation, which might place gross margin in danger.’

The fingerprint reader of Apple, marketed as ‘Touch ID‘ is used throughout the app store for purchases and to verify a user. That could be an issue.

‘We do not think recognition would be qualified as a suitable verification method for Apple Pay,’ Hargreaves explained. ‘Even though Apple could achieve this over time, the chances for an initial absence of Apple Pay could affect demand.

Hargreaves stated it seems ‘likely’ that Apple will ditch the fingerprint reader to focus on getting the iPhone to advertise. Trying to solve the problem could force Apple to push volume production to October, or early November Hargreaves said.

To put it simply, fingerprint scanners have made our personal and important possession safe. It is a perfect way easier compared to PIN codes, or passwords, or pattern unlocks.

If Apple does ditch the fingerprint sensor what is going to replace it? We can’t go back to using PIN codes that are easily-crackable.

Kuo and Gurman say Apple’s working on innovative ‘3D sensing for recognition.’ Sounds high tech – Samsung’s Galaxy S8/S8+ use facial recognition to unlock the phone as well as the rear-positioned fingerprint detector – and while it’s possible Apple may have figured out how to make it more secure ( so they will claim) than a fingerprint you will find different issues that sprout from a deficiency of a fingerprint detector.

For example, would the face recognition that is the work in the dark? You could get around the darkness issue on the S8 in case you turn on the telephone’s iris scanner, which sees through the dim, but you can’t have it and face recognition both on — it is one or another. In the middle of the night or the backseat of an Uber at 2:00 a.m., or in a dimly-lit pub, a fingerprint sensor just works more efficiently.

And with no rumors of Apple including an iris scanner to the 8, it seems highly unlikely it is going to make an appearance that late in the game.

How will Apple Pay about the iPhone 8 work without fingerprint authentication?

Unless Apple’s face recognition tech is somehow secure than Samsung, Apple Pay would get sliced in the knees and there.

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