How to Disable AutoPlay Videos in iOS 11

The App Store at iOS 11 was revamped completely to sport a new design that appears different compared to previous iterations of all iOS. It comes with a handful of new tabs on Nowadays, Games, and Apps, most of which can be curated that will help users detect the most trending and apps.

Just you can find app previews with in the description page of an app. These are videos that are meant to offer a synopsis of a program or a game before you download it. App previews may also be found in Games tabs, and the Nowadays, Apps.

How to Disable AutoPlay Videos in iOS 11

In iOS 11, the App Store plays program previews wherever they appear. Until you tap on the video, nevertheless, the noise is not played. Although this isn’t a big issue, users that are linked to data instead of wi fi need to be extra careful as they’ll wind up wasting their data.

You’ve got the choice to play with videos on wifi only. One important thing you ought to realize that whether you have empowered app previews without any restriction or selected to stream videos on it plays videos if you have adequate bandwidth. Anyway, you don’t desire program previews to play in app-store in your i-phone and iPad? Let’s head over to turn it off!You have the choice to play with videos on. One very important things you ought to know that if you’ve enabled app previews on Wi-Fi or selected to flow videos without any restriction just, it plays videos whenever you have sufficient bandwidth. You want app previews to play in app-store on your own iPhone, and iPad? Let’s head up to completely transform off it!

Apple offers a setting which permits the app store to be stopped by users from playing videos automatically. You can completely disable this particular behavior or put videos to load just when you are connected to wifi. Here you can configure and find this particular setting.

Note: Program previews are played in iOS 11. If your device is on perhaps an edition or iOS 10, then you never need to complete such a thing as the App Store and with videos play once you tap on them.

  1. How to Stop App Previews in App Store on iPhone and iPad Running iOS 11
  2. Open Settings app on your iOS device.
  3. Next, scroll down and tap on iTunes & App Store.
  4. Now, you need to tap on Auto-Play Videos.
  5. Next up, you have three options to let you choose how app previews will work:
  • On: When you select it App previews will play automatically on both Wi-Fi and Cellular.
  • Wi-Fi Only: When it’s selected App previews will play only on Wi-Fi.
  • Off: When it’s selected, App Previews will be altogether disabled.
  • Select Off.


From the App Store, promotional videos won’t play from today onwards. Simply follow the steps above, if you wish to change your brain and select On or Wi-Fi only depending on your need.

If you want to play the program previews tap on the play button while browsing through the App Store. Default, the sound of the video muted, then tap to unmute it.

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