How to Set Up the YouTube App on a Vizio TV

How to Set Up the YouTube App on a Vizio TV

Together Internet-capable homes entertainment devices such as HD TVs and Blu-ray players. Now you can use software to access Internet companies. These devices normally consist of access with a wired Internet connection into a cable or DSL modem, or even an invisible link into your router. Internet applications include Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, Pandora, and YouTube. Unlike many of the software, YouTube will not ask for a subscription or activation of the device.

  1. Press the ‘VIA’ button between the quantity and channel buttons on the remote controller to start the Vizio Internet Apps dock onto the bottom of the TV screen.
  2. Use the ‘Right’ arrow to scroll into the YouTube program. Press ‘OK.’
  3. Press the ‘Up’ arrow to hunt YouTube for a video once the application starts. You can use the onscreen keyboard or perhaps the slide-out QWERTY computer keyboard on the remote control. Type a search term and press ‘OK.’
  4. Press the ‘Down’ arrow to browse video categories on YouTube. Categories include entertainment, comedy, politics and news, audio, film, and cartoon as well as sports. Press the ‘Right’ or ‘Left’ arrows to scroll ‘Up’ arrow to highlight the videos in the category. Press the Left or Right arrow keys to scroll through the pictures and press ‘OK’ to play a video.


  • Your Vizio Smart TV must be on the Internet with a wired or wireless connection for you to watch YouTube videos.
  • This action was written specifically for your e551d-a0 Smart TV but should work along with other similar Vizio Smart TV sets. To locate the procedure for your own set, examine your user manual.

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