The Two Problems Of The Samsung Galaxy S8

That is possibly the most anticipated smartphone of the year, with permission from the tenth anniversary iPhone, is creating huge expectations but also to confront some problems even before being made official. Two challenges faced by Samsung, one because of a supplier and another by the kind do their competition, something that did not expect.

The reason that the fingerprint sensor is back. One of the biggest surprises that have brought us the Samsung Galaxy S8 was to see that the fingerprint sensor was located in the rear area and not on the screen. He speculated that perhaps the necessary technology was not yet available and the most recent information seems to confirm that.

As reported by The Investor company which developed sensor tracks that would implement the S8, Synaptics, had not finished in time and the tests that were carried out were very unsatisfactory. That’s why in a decision taken at the last moment, since mass production should begin, Korean policymakers decided to install the fingerprint sensor in the rear area, even if it was next to the camera and not under it.

We will have to wait to see if this penalize users but from our point of view, it is a success. On the other hand, Samsung now runs the risk that Apple is the first to launch a device with this technology. As we are counting on our account of Instagram LG G6 is a device that is like us very much. It is not perfect, but it is the best thing that LG has done in a long time.

As well, it is working in Korea of the South, its homeland, that Samsung has had to launch a TV advertisement to remind that the S8 will be presented shortly. According to Kim Dong-won, KB Securities analyst, LG G6 has sold over 20,000 units in its first day, a record for the Asian manufacturer. This figure is higher than the achieved by Samsung as iconic as the S7 Edge Galaxy or Galaxy A5 models.

If LG still selling at this rate inside and outside its borders Samsung could have a Galaxy S8 problems, that will have to wait two weeks to appear and more than one month to be available in stores. It seems that the bit of LG’s come first even if it was at the expense of not be able to implement the 835 Snapdragon would be getting out well, although from Qualcomm denies any agreement with Samsung.

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